Battery & Robotic Machinery

Eco friendly battery and robotic machinery

Now more than ever, it's important we all do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Here at Alex McDougall (Mowers) Ltd, we believe it's our responsibility to provide you with the most innovative and environmentally responsible products on the market.

With a great range of eco friendly battery operated garden machinery, we make it easy to keep your garden green in every sense of the word.

Battery Powered Machinery

Being either a residential or professional user and choosing to switch from petrol to battery powered machinery, you can be satisfied that you are helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Causing no air pollution, very little noise pollution and considerably reduced vibration levels, battery powered machinery is becoming the popular choice over standard petrol models.

Producing petrol power from a battery, this machinery requires little maintenance and running costs are at a minimum in comparison to traditional petrol machinery.

Make gardening simple and enjoyable! With the Alpina 48V range you can use one battery to power a multitude of gardening tools, no messy petrol or electrical cords to restrict your movement.

Please call in to our showroom to see the range of machinery available orclick the images below for more information.

Need a more powerful battery machine to cover a larger area - then look no further than the Atco & Stiga 80V battery range. The Atco 80V rear roller driven lawnmower comes in 16" or 18" width of cut. The Stiga 80V mowers range from 16"-19".

The batteries from these mowers can also be used to power the 80V range of hand held tools allowing you a totally petrol-free gardening experience.

Call in to our showroom today to try these machines for yourself! Click the images below for more information.

Husqvarna Residential & Professional Hand Held Machinery

Offering the high performance of Husqvarna’s petrol products with reduced vibration, lower running costs, maintenance and noise, Husqvarna’s range of battery hand held machinery has a tool for every task whether it's for residential or professional use.

Click the images below for more information on the Husqvarna range

Pellenc Professional Hand Held Machinery

With a range of implements such as strimmers, hedge cutters, chainsaws and blowers used with a long-lasting back-pack battery, tasks can be performed quietly and efficiently.

Request a demonstration today to experience this revolutionary technology for yourself!

Click the image below for more information on the Pellenc range.

Robotic Mowers

Discover how you can have the perfect lawn by doing - NOTHING!

If you dislike gardening or have a busy lifestyle and wish to spend precious free time elsewhere but still want the perfect lawn without any effort, then the Automower by Husqvarna is the product for your home.

With a range of mowers to suit all garden sizes and complexities you will be delighted by the finish achieved all season by the Automower.

Visit our show area today to see the results you can experience in your own garden!

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